How to cook soba?Japanese food


Do you know soba?

It is the Japanese healthy noodle. It is made from buckwheat flour and water, no flour added. This simple cold soba is called “Mori-Soba”or “Zaru-soba”.(Hot simple soba is called”Kake-soba”.)

It is very easy to cook. We usually eat it for lunch.


●Soba ( You can buy it at a japanese supermarket. It is usually a dry noodle.)

●noodle soup(you can cook it but it’s easy to buy at a Japanese supermarket.)


You can add below if you like.This is called “Yakumi.”


●green onion


●chili peppers

(How to cook)

1 You can boil the water.

2 you can put soba into your pot. And turn round and round.(like how to boil pasta.)The time to boil is written on the bag.(If you understand the Japanese, you can find the number.)

3 you can put it out and chill it with running water.

4 You can put it on the plate with ice and cut the seafood with your scissors.

5 You can serve yakumi in the other plate and put the noodle soup in your bowl.

If you want more arrange, you can eat with Tempra,wild vegetable and so on.



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